Compassionate Tooth Removal from Philley Dentistry

Whether it’s causing you pain or in the way of your planned orthodontic treatment, you occasionally need to have a tooth removed.

Getting a tooth pulled is one of the procedures that, young or old, people really dread. They fear the pain, and that fear often prevents them from getting the treatment that they need.

At Philley Dentistry, we understand that you’re scared. Our practice is built around helping reluctant patients get comfortable. Whether you need sedation dentistry or encouragement, we’re here to give you the compassionate dental care that you need.

Don’t put off your tooth extraction. Contact Philley Dentistry today to schedule an appointment, and let us develop a treatment plan that helps you conquer your fears.

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  • Simple Tooth Extractions

    People call a simple tooth extraction “getting a tooth pulled.” There’s a little bit more to it than that, but simple teeth extractions are often the most common.

    During this procedure, your dentist will typically administer a local anesthetic. This will numb the area of the tooth that’s to be extracted. They’ll then use an elevator to loosen the tooth before removing it.

    You’ll only feel pressure during the procedure since your mouth is numb.

  • Surgical Tooth Extractions

    In some cases, your dentist may recommend a surgical dental extraction. They aren’t very common, but in some cases, they may be the easiest way to extract a tooth. Some wisdom teeth require surgical extraction, for instance.

    During this procedure, you may receive an intravenous or general aesthetic in addition to local anesthesia. After administering the anesthetic, your dentist will then surgically remove the tooth.

    It’s possible that you won’t be able to drive yourself home after this procedure. Dr. Philley will help you understand the procedure and what you will or will not be able to do afterward.

  • Emergency Extractions

    If you have a dental emergency, it’s possible that you need an emergency tooth extraction. Philley Dentistry offers emergency tooth extraction in Tyler, TX, among other emergency dental procedures.

    For emergency cases, we’re able to see you the same day that you make your appointment. Should you need an emergency extraction, we may be able to do that the same day as well.

    If you’re having a dental emergency, contact our offices today to schedule an appointment.

Sedation During Your Procedure

In addition to local anesthetic, which numbs the area where we extract your tooth, Philley Dentistry offers a variety of other sedation options to help ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during your procedure.

These include nitrous oxide, which can help with the fear leading up to the procedure. We also offer oral sedatives that will relax you and calm any anxiety you may have before your procedure.

If you’re worried about your procedure, let us know. We’ll find a way to make your visit better.

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Tooth Replacement at Philley Dentistry

If you need a replacement tooth after your extraction, Philley Dentistry can help with that, too. Dr. Philley will work with you to find the type of replacement that best suits your need, whether it’s a bridge or a dental implant.

Don’t Fret about Your Procedure. Contact Philley Dentistry Today.

Whether you’re in the middle of a dental emergency or preparing for an orthodontic procedure, Philley Dentistry can help.

Contact our offices to schedule and appointment so we can create a custom treatment plan that helps meet your dental goals.

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